Saturday, February 25, 2012

15-Minute Core Workout

On days that I barely have adequate time to do a full blown workout, I opt for a quick 15-minute core workout that I've adopted from I figure that as I get older, I need to make sure that my core is strong enough to keep me upright.

You don't even need to warmup for this set of exercises - all you need is a mat for extra cushioning. Here's the gist of it:

- 1 x 15 3-count crunches (up for 3, down for 1)
- 1 x 15 crunches
- 1 x 15 circle crunches per side
- 1 x 15 side reach oblique crunches per side
- 1 x 20 bicycle crunches (slight pause between each crunch)
- 1 x 20 bicycle crunches (fast)
- 1 x 15 knee-to-chest lifts
- 1 x 15 knee-to-straight leg-to-chest lifts
- full stretch (arms and legs reach opposite sides)
- side twist stretch each side
- plank (1 min)
- side plank (30 sec per side)
- hip lifts (30 sec per side)
- 'swimming' (opposite arm and leg lifts while on stomach for 30 sec)
- hold and pulse opposite arm and leg lifts for a count of 10
- catback stretch
- child's pose stretch

And that's it! Quick and easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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