Sunday, June 29, 2008

Almost a month.

It's been almost a month since I tore my ACL, and I haven't done any physical exercise since then. I can feel myself atrophying, but the problem is is that I have little to no motivation to attempt to do anything (which is really bad).

I've decided that walking is out of the question, considering my inability to actually utilize my left leg. But I think I need to start doing some weights with my upper body to maintain my physical shape. I did discover I can go up and down stairs now with less trouble than I've been having these past few weeks.

I've read a lot of posts of others' experiences with a torn ACL, and I'm frankly afraid of my own experience.

What concerns me most at this point is whether or not I'd be able to start my MBA program by August 23rd. The campus is really out of the way from public transportation, and it's not like I can get someone to drive me around. In fact, it's really not disabled people-friendly.

I need to start planning to incorporate recovery into my life after the surgery.

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Steve said...

Hey, I noticed you added my ACL surgery recovery blog to your blog list. Don't let this injury get you down. The best thing you can do right now get back on your feet and get your leg back into the best shape you can before the surgery. This will make your recovery that much easier and quicker from the surgery. Find yourself a good physical therapist now and book a few sessions for right after the surgery. My first appt was 4 days after the surgery. Your surgeon will give you a list of exercises you can do right after the surgery too. Make sure you do them as directed. The surgery is not that bad. The first few weeks will suck, yes. I was walking without crutches after a week. Some people can take up to 4 weeks depending on what kind of shape they're in. Everbody is different but the more you commit to the recovery process, the faster you'll be able to get back to your normal way of life. Good luck. By the way, you made a good decision to have the surgery. Its very hard to lead an active lifestyle without your ACL, especially if you play a lot of sports.