Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on the knee.

I went to my appointment with my surgeon/orthopedics doctor today. Basically, I was told that the best option for me is to get ACL reconstruction, since I'm young and will continue to be active in sports. I was also told that the recovery is going to be painful and long. The tendon replacement is going to come out of my hamstring.

I was then prescribed a physical therapy routine and have to start that ASAP so that I can get some movement back in my leg and strengthen my quad that seems to be incredibly weak. My next appointment is July 14th (a Monday) and my surgery date has been tentatively set at July 22nd, which gives me 4 weeks on crutches - just in time to recover enough movement to go to class on August 23rd.

Fantastic summer this is turning out to be.

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Michele said...

Good luck with your surgery and recovery!

I am 13 months post ACL surgery and my knee is doing great. I was three weeks injury to surgery and did not have time for prehab. My quad was very weak and I am still working on strenthening it. I was on crutches and in a brace the entire month of June 2007.