Monday, July 28, 2008

Not for the squeamish.

I finally took a shower today after almost a week of sponge baths. It was the most liberating feeling! Luckily, I had a stool to sit on in the shower and washing with a flexible showerhead made life much easier.

I finally had the guts to take off my dressings and bandages today (even though I could have removed them last week). I took them off and this is what I found:

I had to compare both legs. The swelling is pretty substantial in my left leg, but I thought it would be worse.

I still haven't gained any movement in my leg - I've been icing and elevating like crazy. My doc said that I could bear 50% of my weight on it, but I don't trust the leg just yet. Much of my day is spent doing ankle pumps, ankle circles, and attempting quad sets. (That is, when I'm not out like a light due to the percocet.) Leg lifts are out of the picture for now.

I have an appointment on Thursday morning with my surgeon for a progress checkup. I hope he gives me good news.

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