Saturday, July 12, 2008

PT session 1.

My first pre-op PT session was yesterday.

It turns out I'd only lost an estimated 25% of my quad strength after my ACL injury, so that isn't too bad. I also seem to have a good degree of ROM (but I can't remember what the figure was).

My therapist taught me some other exercises to do till the next session on Tuesday. This is now my regiment every day (at least twice a day):

Quad sets: 3 x 20 (hold for 5 seconds)
Ankle pumps: 3 x 15
Quarter depth wall slides: 3 x 15
Hamstring curls with rubber stretch band: 3 x 15
Proximal rectus stretch: 3 x 30 seconds
Straight leg raises: 3 x 15
Proximal hamstring stretch: 3 x 30 seconds

It gives me confidence to be able to do each of these exercises fully, but I still wonder if I'll ever get my full ROM back again, and if I'll be back to 100% eventually, if not soon.


Davidx said...

Do your therapy and you'll be amaized at the progress. Keep your spirits up and good luck!

blackbeltblues said...

You'll get your ROM back, don't you worry. But now's not the time to be thinking about it too much.

You'll likely have less after surgery, so you'll be starting over again. Still, getting as much back as you can (without hurting yourself) it a good idea.

Keep at them exercies.

blackbeltblues said...

Geez, I relly need to start proofreading!